Heartfull™ Meditation

“Their meditation classes have a quality unlike any other. The techniques they teach are useful and effective and it is making a really uplifting difference in my life.” – Liz S., Kirkland WA

Heartfull™ Meditation, created by Savitri, helps you keep your cool during the whirlwind of your work day amidst the crowds and noise of the shopping mall, or stuck in the bumper-to-bumper evening crawl home from work.

Come to class and you’ll discover common-sense techniques for calming your mind, gathering your energy, and focusing on what really matters in life.

The meditation snacks were created over 30 years ago by Savitri, with the first technique created in the early 1980s.

We teach active meditation, not the “sit silently and don’t move” style you’ll find elsewhere. Instead we harness the mind’s gifts of focus and imagination to help you cultivate a real connection with your heart. This empowers you to release stress and begin to heal your body and your life.

With choices of 1-hour classes, workshops, and special immersions, it’s easy to start at your pace and fit the meditations into your schedule.

So come learn how you can get yourself out of that ‘down’ mood – quickly! – with simple techniques that you can do anywhere in less than a minute.

“The thing I like most about my asana class is the meditation we begin with to quiet the busy day… I am also grateful for the balance, strength and lessons I have learned.” – Debbie W.


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