Three Principles To Detox Naturally

There are so many health principles and diets out there it is hard to know what is right.  But, we have THREE simple principles that will help your body naturally detox and improve your health.  Whatever your diet or lifestyle, add these in and feel the difference.


Our bodies are 60% water.  We are like walking bodies of water and every exchange between your cells happens in this medium.  Drinking water keeps our blood thinner and therefore we can get more nutrients, remove waste, and increase the oxygen to our cells.  Drink half your body weight in ounces.  There are great apps you can put on your phone to remind you to drink more water.  If you can’t drink that much plain water, then put something in your water like lemon juice, Sunectar (Sunrider stevia) or a little bit of fruit juice.  Have you ever noticed that most of our teachers are constantly drinking? This is why!


For long-term health and vitality we need oxygen.  Not surprisingly, when there have been spikes in oxygen on the planet it also corresponded with explosion of life.  We need oxygen to thrive.  We want our brains to be oxygenated and our blood to carry more oxygen.  But, to do this we need to be able to breath deeper, move more freely and increase our circulation.  Yoga and pranayama are powerful and low-impact ways to dramatically increase oxygen in the body.


Last but not least, we want to eat a more alkaline diet. This means eating more fruits and vegetables.  When fruits and veggies are digested they leave an “alkaline ash” in the body.  Alkalinity is determined by the mineral density of the foods you eat.  Foods higher in potassium increase alkalinity.  Ideally, a balanced diet is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic.  Acid foods include meat, coffee, sugar and grains.  So, eating more alkaline foods helps your body’s pH to be slightly more alkaline. Studies show that eating alkaline foods increases lean muscle mass, protects bone density, lowers chronic pain and inflammation, reduces risk of high blood pressure and stroke, boosts vitamin and mineral absorption, improves immune function, protects against cancer and helps with weight management.

Take your yoga practice to a new level this month.  Please drink the filtered water we have provided for you before and after class to maximize the benefits of your yoga experience.  Take 3 life expanding classes a week to help open your chest and lungs so your precious body is more oxygenated. Enjoy the bounty of nature by eating more fruits and vegetables to balance the PH in your body.

We know you will feel more alive so you can shine in your life when you make these wonderful changes. We are here to lovingly support you through the ancient science and art of yoga.


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