How To Feel Good Paying Bills

Very few people ever say, “I’m so happy I get to pay my taxes!” or “Hooray! Rent is due!”

For most of us, money is often tied up with a lot of complicated emotions, often rooted in a fear of scarcity or “not enough-ness.”

What if you could feel something beautiful instead? As we focus on the theme of “abundance” this month, here is a simple Heartfull® perspective shift for you to try this month from our studio co-owner, Savitri:

Think of every dollar you spend as a “thank you note” to the person or company that receives it.
What are you grateful for that this person or company is helping create in the world? For example, as you pay for groceries, feel gratitude for the food, for the work of the farmers, for the truck driver who brought it from field to you, and for the employees who help stock and sell you the food. Notice how this shifts your experience.

Not only will this help you feel more Heartfull feelings while paying bills, it will also make you more conscious of what you are paying for with your money – are your dollars supporting the kind of world you want? If not, seek out beautiful alternatives. If so, keep the gratitude flowing!

Imagine a world where “thank you notes” flow from heart to heart freely, with all of us working together to create a beautiful world for all.

This is our vision of abundance.

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