“If you live in the Seattle area, give this studio a try. It may not meet society’s new definition of yoga with hard-core sequences and techno music, but if you’re ready for classical and effective yoga instruction by skilled and experienced instructors along with truly heartfelt meditation, you can’t beat A&S Center.”

Gina M.

“Thank you for the great stretching that you showed us. I slept pain-free last night for the first time in a long time!”

Garth M., Bellevue WA

“I have been a part of Alive and Shine studio for 14 years. The quality, and the level of integrity and professionalism is beyond anything else out there. Whether you are a new person thinking about starting yoga, someone who’s done yoga but wants more depth and richness in your practice, or a teacher that wants to go to the next level, this is THE PLACE to go!”

Allison W., Federal Way WA

Alive and Shine Center is a wonderful place to come and get healthy and fit, but for me it has also provided a sense of community and a center for my spiritual practice.”

Ann K.

“I’ve been coming to yoga three or four times a week for six months, and I can walk for miles. I can walk as well as I could in my twenties. No orthotics. No pain… My back and neck feel great too!”

Katie M., Bellevue WA

“The teachers are very well educated and make sure they are aware of any physical limitations that any of their students have. The atmosphere is one of everyone learning, not competing. Definitely 5 stars!”

Gwen G.

“I am so looking forward to more classes with Sandra, and John as well! I am telling ALL my friends about the center, and how they must experience it for themselves!!”

Stephanie D.

“I am grateful for the warmth and acceptance I find at Alive and Shine Center. They will continue to play an integral part in my physical and emotional support system.”

Frankie A.

“What I notice is that even once or twice a week of gentle yoga makes a huge difference to my body. If I miss a week I have instant low back and knee pain. After I do one class it is gone! Even a little yoga goes a long way!”


“My life is all about taking care of others. Yoga is only for me! It makes me feel centered, relaxed, and focused (if not just a little sore the next day!)”


“It was my first experience with yoga in any form… Everyone made me feel very comfortable and I left feeling very relaxed. I’ll be back.”

Rob D., Kirkland WA

“The thing I like most about my asana class is the meditation we begin with to quiet the busy day… I am also grateful for the balance, strength and lessons I have learned.”

Debbie W.

“Their meditation classes have a quality unlike any other. The techniques they teach are useful and effective and it is making a really uplifting difference in my life.”

Liz S., Kirkland WA

“This yoga is not about ego, how good you look in your yoga clothes, or what fancy poses you can do; this is yoga from the heart… I travel several times a year from San Francisco to attend classes, trainings, and workshops given here!”

Linda S., San Francisco CA

“Wonderful studio with world class teachers. This is truly a yoga school that welcomes all types of people and wants to truly teach yoga, rather than just exercise.”

Sara A.

“I particularly like the relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere, and the focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, not just physical development.”

John P., Bellevue WA

“Your studio is truly a 5-star operation and I would recommend it to anyone. Your instructors are superb and your staff is a group of truly beautiful people.”

Wendy M., Kirkland WA

“Wonderful studio. Both the asana and meditation are impeccable. I’ve practiced there for 4 years. I feel like the studio follows traditional yogic practice and philosophy more than other places I’ve been. The classes have really helped me be more centered and energetic. As a contractor, my body looks forward to the asana and as a business owner, the meditations calm and focus my mind.”

Will S., Bellevue WA

“I was introduced to the meditation snacks about 6 years ago when I was a student of the 2000 hour training. Ever since then these snacks have become the one constant aspect of my life. They have given me the gift of creating a true friendship with my true self/my spirit and knowing that there is always a solution if I turn to my spirit with sincerity. I have had the most magical situations occur.

In my last job at a small IT Company as a Project manager, I was working with a particular developer on a project. Every week we would meet and discuss the goals and tasks to be completed during the week. However, oddly enough every time we met, even though this developer would agree and say that he would complete his tasks during the meeting, when the next meeting came around nothing had been done! This happened for about 3-4 weeks in a row before I realized that something strange is going on.

At first I was pulling my hair out trying to understand how to communicate to this gentleman and could not understand how someone could even act that way. I was very frustrated. Then….I turned to the snacks. I realized pulling my hair out was not getting me anywhere. With sincerity I used the snacks to go deeper into my heart so I could really feel what was going on.

Slowly I realized that I was attracting the situation so there were changes I needed to make in myself. Instead of seeing this gentleman as a nuisance I began to see him as a blessing. I started having conversations with him about what he felt I could change. He mentioned a few things which made me realize I needed to treat him with more respect. Slowly as I started making changes, he began to feel safe, open up more and I learned from him that he was actually burned out and felt like he had no way out. He had been working on the same project for 3 years and felt like he had stopped growing. He wanted to do something different to be challenged.

After understanding this, I communicated this to my manager, and we gave him one month off and started looking to add more variety to his projects. When this gentleman came back after a month, I was amazed at what I observed. He seemed much happier and not only did he get all of his tasks completed on time but he was so on top of his projects that it felt like he was project managing me instead. 🙂 I was so grateful for the experience because I could now see why he was hired in the first place. I saw his beauty, sincerity and intelligence. I could have completely missed getting to see the amazingness of someone and growth in myself had I not had the snacks to turn to.

Thank you, Savitri, for teaching us these amazing tools!”

Nitika Kohli, Redmond, WA

“After practicing the meditation techniques (or “snacks”) taught in Purna Yoga during the last 10 years, I can definitely say that these techniques are a very powerful way to positively change every aspect of your life. One specific area of my life which has been positively impacted is the area of personal relationships. Over the years, I have experienced many instances where a troubled relationship with a friend, co-worker or family member has completely changed into a positive and even loving relationship after using these meditation techniques.

These meditation techniques are simple yet very powerful and have been a really effective and efficient way to resolve so many situations which seemed hopeless. For example, I experienced a complete turnaround in a relationship with a family member. Things had been very contentious between this person and me for several years. Many hours of discussions had not helped at all and it only seemed worse. It had gotten to the point that I had almost given up on things ever improving; this person was stubbornly set in their negative viewpoints and reactions to me. Then I remembered about one of the healing meditation techniques I had learned. I used this technique and in the meditation felt a profound sense of healing and forgiveness between this person and me. It didn’t take long at all for the results to show up – within two days, I received a message from this person sincerely apologizing to me for their past behavior and wanting to move forward.

This example is just one of many similar positive turnarounds I have experienced using these techniques.”


“I realized that there is an integrity in the teaching that I have not found with any other yoga teachers in my 13 years of yoga practice. These teachers want to keep students safe, so that they may practice yoga that facilitates the rest of their lives- for as long as they live. They are not going to recommend more advanced poses until they KNOW that students are ready. That said, I have had killer workouts here….Having come from an Ashtānga background, I initially thought the meditation techniques were funny and not my “cup of tea”- but again, I couldn’t get past how good I felt afterwards. I now practice them regularly, and I like to visit Alive and Shine on a regular basis to keep my inspiration fresh. It is worth the 2 hour drive to visit Alive and Shine as regularly as possible.”

Heather B.

“I have been taking yoga and meditation classes at Alive & Shine Center since 2012. I used to depend on sleeping pills and depression pills to keep my day up. After two and half years of practicing yoga and meditation; in 2014, I have become pills-FREE.”


“When I walk into Alive & Shine I am transported into a place like no other, where I feel a sense of belonging filled with so much joy. Alive and Shine has given me place to get to know and appreciate my body again, a place that inspires me in so many ways.”

Colleen W., Bellevue


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