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Real People.
Real Life.
Real Yoga.

Yoga lets you live your life.

Erin, Certified Purna Yoga Teacher

Real People.
Real Life.
Real Yoga.

Feel happy in the workplace.

Tanvir, Affiliate Purna Yoga Teacher

Real People.
Real Life.
Real Yoga.

Yoga gives you balance.

Steve, Affiliate Purna Yoga Teacher

Real People.
Real Life.
Real Yoga.

Yoga gives you flexibility.

Aurora, Certified Purna Yoga Teacher

About Us

"Your studio is truly a 5-star operation and I would recommend it to anyone. Your instructors are superb and your staff is a group of truly beautiful people."- Wendy M., Kirkland WA

Alive and Shine Center is a full-service yoga studio, offering yoga and meditation classes, teacher training and workshops. We have served Seattle's Eastside communities as a family-owned and operated business for over 21 years.

We designed our classes to help you:
  • Build strength and flexibility
  • Develop more balance and stamina
  • Feel younger and more alive
  • Have abundant energy to shine
  • Live a happier life

At Alive and Shine Center, we teach alignment-based yoga. This keeps you safe in the poses, while you open and strengthen your body, rejuvenate the spine, soothe your nervous system and focus your mind.

Enter tired. Leave inspired.

You will leave feeling energized and relaxed, better able to live your daily life.

We also offer a unique form of meditation, with common-sense techniques for calming your mind, gathering your energy, and focusing on what really matters in life. We harness the mind's gifts of focus and imagination to help you cultivate a real connection to your heart.

At Alive and Shine Center you'll find:
  • Ongoing yoga and meditation classes in different levels and themes.
  • Over 60 classes every week – easily find options to fit your schedule.
  • Specialty workshops on the weekends.
  • Feel like part of a family with our thriving and supportive community.

Alive and Shine Center also hosts the College of Purna Yoga, a state-licensed vocational school that has trained over 100 of the finest yoga teachers in the world today.

We are located in the Overlake area of Bellevue, just a few minutes from Microsoft and the Bridle Trails neighborhood.

"I particularly like the relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere, and the focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, not just physical development." - John P., Bellevue WA


Let our Alive and Shine Concierge Team help you find the best way to get started!

Why Choose Our Studio?

  • Family Owned
  • Certified Professionally Trained Teachers
  • Consistently Voted Best Yoga Studio
  • Committed to Making Your Life Better